Lab Services Overview

Chemical EOR Formation Development

Thorough laboratory evaluation of EOR formulations is essential to ensure selected chemistries are economically viable and robust. We obtain practical EOR formulations using a rigorous laboratory program which sets the standard in development of EOR solutions worldwide.

Polymer Product Evaluation

Injecting polymer has shown major benefit to field scale waterfloods worldwide, but requires thorough laboratory investigation before being injected. UEORS skilled lab staff can evaluate all commercial polymer products for EOR applicability in all rock types, and are trusted as independent evaluators for several polymer manufacturers.


UEORS has an unparalleled success rate in EOR corefloods industry-wide, even in extremely harsh reservoir environments. We have the ability to evaluate all types of EOR floods in reservoir rocks, and include true live-oil corefloods in most coreflood programs. All coreflooding programs have transparent criteria for success and a clear roadmap for post-coreflooding decision making.

Formulation Optimization

Use of appropriate chemicals, concentrations and injection volumes improves the economic performance of chemical EOR floods. UEORS has access to virtually every commercial chemical relevant to chemical EOR, and can improve or redesign otherwise marginal formulations. UEORS will optimize formulations to ensure they are robust, as simple as possible and economically attractive.

Independent Evaluation of Chemicals

Injecting polymer has shown major benefit to field scale waterfloods worldwide, but requires Chemical companies can provide samples of commercial or research products for evaluation by UEORS staff, who have years of experience evaluating EOR chemicals. We evaluate all chemicals involved in chemical EOR applications, including surfactants, polymers, co-solvents, scale inhibitors, emulsion breakers, sacrificial agents and wettability alteration agents. Customer confidentiality is a top priority for UEORS.

Eco-Friendly Chemistry

At UEORS we recognize the need to implement environmentally responsible EOR projects. To that end, we have begun development of biodegradable chemistry for EOR implementation, including surfactants and solvents which can be metabolized by common bacteria.